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The sleek compact design of our 6kW heat pump will cater for both your heating and hot water demands. It is easy to install, just a couple of simple connections to the power and water supply and you’re ready to go. The intelligent inverter control responds to changes in the weather to ensure optimum performance at all times.  With the flexibility to switch between mains, solar PV and battery power and you have a heat pump that is truly designed to meet the demands of modern living.

6kw R32 Monobloc Heat Pump 3

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant

Inverter Control for energy efficient operation.

Provides hot water between -15°C and 43°C

Hot water up to 55°C.

Boost up to 80°C with our optional inline heating

Indoor control unit for convenient operation

SRS heat pump range has been designed to run on traditional energy sources as well as both renewable and stored energy, making it the ultimate hybrid heat pump available on the market today.

6KW-Technical Data

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